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The 1865 Society: Celebrating Your Loyalty

1865 ClubThe 1865 Society recognizes loyalty and devotion. Members of the 1865 Society (alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff, and friends) have made gifts to Cornell in consecutive years. Members of the 1865 Society embody the spirit of giving established by Ezra Cornell. For nearly 150 years, consistent donors have followed in Ezra’s footsteps, carrying on the tradition of support begun with his gift to found this great institution. Unfailing support, year after year, is what helps Cornell accomplish its important mission to educate, discover and engage.

Read the Ezra article about the historic launch of the 1865 Society.

Why Consistency Matters So Much

  • Consistent financial support provides Cornell with the stability, confidence, and resources to set lofty goals for everything from student scholarship support to important research and global engagement.

  • Making a gift, whatever the size, feels great. When you give, you know that you are part of something important. You become a partner in Cornell's work educating tomorrow's leaders and making discoveries that matter to the world.

  • There is strength in numbers. University rankings are based, in part, on the number of alumni who support their alma mater. Every gift counts.

43,254 members of the 1865 Society, and counting!

We love our 1865 Society members!

1865 Club Heart Logo

To say thank you this February, 2016, we sent our members a special Valentine - Cornell-themed adult coloring book pages! Join the 1865 Society today to see how we continue to thank our most loyal supporters.

“I just want to make sure I'm giving back to Cornell since I got so much out of my experience there . . . I learned a lot of very useful skills that I'm using day to day in my job now, and I want to enable that for more people coming through Cornell.”

David Polley ’09

“Giving to Cornell is like a United Way for giving because my unrestricted gifts could support anything from cancer research to higher education for needy students, to new textile and apparel design and anything else our society needs.”

Mary Berens ’74


“You give 10 percent, you get 90 percent back. Cornell is one of the greatest universities in the world. In order to keep it at that level, we have to give.”

Bob Metcalf, MBA ’61

“Every year that I can afford it--and by 'afford it' I mean if I have fifty bucks in my bank account--I will absolutely give back to Cornell because I have personally seen the impact that it has and it's much greater than 50 dollars. It's contributing to a cause that's helped me develop into a person that I never expected to become.”

Anisha Chopra ’13