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Foundations List

Foundations Relations


Kristen M. Ford, Assistant Vice President
Corporate & Foundation Relations/Colleges & Units
Alumni Affairs & Development
Phone: 607-254-1679

Tier 1

Please coordinate activities through Alumni Affairs & Development

ATLANTIC, The Philanthropies
BLOOMBERG, The Family Foundation
CARGILL, Margaret A. Foundation
CLINTON, William J. Foundation
COOKE, Jack Kent Foundation
COORS, Dallas Morse Foundation
DESHPANDE Foundation
EMERSON, Fred L. Foundation
LINDNER, Fay J. Foundation
FORD Foundation
FREEMAN Foundation
GATES, Bill and Melinda Foundation.
GRANTHAM Foundation
HARTWELL, The Foundation.
HEARST, William Randolph Foundation.
HECKSCHER Foundation for Children.
HELMSLEY, The Leona M. & Harry B. Char. Trust
HILTON, Conrad Foundation.
Jack Miller Center (Foundation).
KAVLI, The Foundation
KECK, W.M. Foundation
KNIGHT, John S. & James L. Foundation
KOREA Foundation
KRESGE Foundation
MacARTHUR, John and Catherine.
MARRIOTT, J. Williard and Alice  
MELLON, The Andrew W. Foundation.
ONASSIS, Alexander S. Foundation.
PARK Foundation, Inc
PEW, The Charitable Trusts
RAMOS, Angel Foundation
S&G Foundation
SIMONS Foundation
STARR, The Foundation.
TEAGLE, Foundation, Inc.
TEMPLETON, John Foundation.
TRIAD Foundation

Tier 2

ANNENBERG, The Foundation
BECKMAN, Arnold and Mabel Foundation
CARNEGIE Corporation of New York
CASEY, Annie E. Foundation
DREYFUS, Camille and Henry Foundation
DUKE, Doris Charitable Foundation
ELLISON, The Medical Foundation
ENERGY Foundation
GRANT, W.T. Foundation
HEWLETT, William and Flora Foundation
JOHNSON, Robert Wood Foundation
JOYCE Foundation
KAUFFMAN, Ewing Marion Foundation
KELLOGG, W.K. Foundation
LUCE, The Henry Foundation
McDONNELL, James S. Foundation
McKNIGHT Foundation
MOORE, Gordon and Betty Foundation
MOTT, Charles Stewart Foundation
PACKARD, David and Lucile Foundation
SLOAN, Alfred P. Foundation